Village events

St Medard’s Church Fête, Little Bytham

_mg_4244_edThe church fête has long been an important part of community life in the Bythams. Little Bytham’s event is usually held in one of the village’s larger gardens on the Sunday closest to St Medard’s Day, June 8th, which is the church’s patronal festival.*

Bythams Music is pleased to provide marquees for this event. Little Bytham kindly reciprocates by bringing some of their traditional fair games such as skeeball to the Castle Bytham Midsummer Festival.

*(This dedication is unique in the UK, although there are many churches dedicated to St Médard / St Méard in France; like St Swithin/Swithun, Medard is a “rain saint” and there is a tradition that if it rains on his day it will continue for 40 days. A few years ago it was realised that the church was originally dedicated to both Medard (456–545), who was a bishop of Noyon, and his supposed twin brother, Gildard (actually c.448–c.525), bishop of Rouen; this dual dedication is even less common.)

Bythams School May Fair


Organised by the school itself and the Friends of the Bythams School (FOBS), the Bythams School May Fair has become a much-anticipated and well-attended event in the local calendar.

Although the musical side of this event has always been organised completely by the school (with some, at times, surprisingly elaborate and theatrical dance performances), Bythams Music has recently become involved, having provided our large marquee since May 2015.

Bythams Woodland Trust: The Spinney

A remarkable community project, run completely by volunteers, located in what was, until 2001, an extremely overgrown former brick-clay workings, this wild woodland play area attracts thousands of visitors a year from a surprisingly wide catchment area (see www.facebook.com/BythamsSpinney).

Bythams Music hopes to work together more closely with Bythams Woodland Trust, the charity behind The Spinney, possibly organising some joint events in future.

Bythams Music’s smaller marquees are sometimes used at Spinney events, such as their enormously popular Tree Dressing Days, held annually in early November.

Tree Dressing Day at The Spinney in 2013 (above & below)
Tree Dressing Day at The Spinney in 2014 (below)






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