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Full online 2018 programme now live

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 23.11.34The interactive version of the music programme for CB2018 is now live on our Midsummer Festival 2018 page, with biographies and photos of all the artists appearing on both stages on June 23rd and 24th. There’s an alphabetical list of who’s on and when; there are links to their websites, Facebook pages, sound recordings and YouTube clips where available, so you can check out the whole fantastic running order and decide who you want to hear. The only problem, as with any good festival, is going to be choosing between stages!

If you’d like to print off a hard copy to peruse at your leisure, you can download it here by clicking on the images below (but be aware that it is wider than A4, so you’ll either need an A3 printer, or you’ll have to print it out at a reduced size).

Printed programmes should be available in the village and elsewhere by midweek, in time for the Festival weekend.